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318/10-22 SoiSukhumvit 22
(Sainamtip),Sukhumvit Road.,
Khet Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

Tel.  (662) 259-0320-3,
          (662) 259-2680-3
Fax.  (662) 259-7504,
          (662) 259-5268

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  My pride in joining the Charoensin Group is based not only on the building of business growth and the distinctive administrative system which is unlike any other businesses but also
based on the good family atmosphere, true determination in the strengthening of the business
and dedication given to work by the pioneering generation and handed down to the new
wave. Each generation had continued the work in a continuous and dedicated fashion.

This provides a stimulus for a belief and faith in a Thai style of management which
embraces a western style of management, while combining it with a seniority system and
smooth family relationship. This provides an important contribution which enables the
management of the Charoensin Group to progress and succeed.

All these components provided the spark which leads to new business ideas in its
own style. From the tanning business which had been handed down within the Charoensin
Group and going on to new international businesses in response to globalization, all the
while adhering to its own management style and retaining the trust and confidence of
multi-national shareholders. The Charoensin Group managed all this while standing proudly
upon its key philosophy of loyalty and sincerity.
Honorary Chairman
Dr. Thanong Bidaya


Teerachai Wongcharoensin
Executive Director

From its position as leader in the leather tanning business, the Charoensin Group expanded its business into worker's safety products by setting up the Safety Shoes Company Limited to
produce steel toed capped Pangolin which have been certifies by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). Following a policy of using main raw materials produced withinthe Group,
product costs could be substantially reduced. At present we are market leaders in Safety shoes
and the only manufacturer in Thailand to be accredited with ISO 9001 standard. Our products
are sold to industrial plants, state enterprises in both the public and private sectors throughout
the country. With increased awareness of industrial safety on the part of the public sector,
we have been able to expand our business into the safety product market, so that we can
provide full service in the field.

Manoch Wongcharoensin
Group Chairman

Rattanachai Wongcharoensin
Vice Chairman

Thavatchai Wongcharoensin
Vice Chairman

Manit Wongcharoensin
Vice Chairman

U-sa Wongcharoensin
Executive Director
Group Director of Finance&Accounting

Payao Wongcharoensin
Executive Director

Vivat Wongcharoensin
Executive Director

Nutnapa Wongcharoensin
Executive Director

Suwatchai Wongcharoensin
Executive Director

Wuttichai Wongcharoensin
Executive Director

Kitichai Wongcharoensin
Executive Director

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